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DAG Professional Work socks, created specifically for sport. These socks are suitable for eveyone, from those who love a good walk to professional athletes in search of a high performance product. Using quality technical yarns, these socks guarantee excellent transport of umidity towards the exterior of the sock, thus maintaining a cool and dry environment for feet. Various options in one colour with varied lengths for all kinds of sports, from football to cycling, basketball to athletics, golf, hiking etc.
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Years of research and a worldwide patent have revolutionised our average idea of a sock. SPM socks are magnetically charged, providing constant massage and stimulation to the sole of the foot. This produces various benefits to the people who regularly wear them. To learn more, visit the website
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The knowledge and quality of Malerba have contributed to creating a sports range to suit any use. These socks guarantee a perfect fit and resistance to everyday use.
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Exceding the limits, thanks to latest technology and materials, improved performance is the goal of this brand leader. No Limits socks, from the sportmanship of their design to the technical nature of their yarns.
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HOLOGRAM: Every item is identified and numbered with a Commercial Calza hologram code, this ensures the quality and originality of every garment.